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What is Human Sex Trafficking?

The Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines human sex trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a sex act.  It is modern day slavery where people are illegally traded for exploitation or commercial trade. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to lure their victims into commercial sex exploitation. Human Trafficking generates billions of dollars in profit every year, second only to drug trafficking.  This is not just a crime overseas, this is here in our backyard. Many women and children become entrapped in the sex trafficking industry at an early age because they are sold by parents or a family member. Some are lured by false promises or employment while many are drawn in through romantic involvement with an individual who forces or manipulates them into prostitution. Females in the foster care system are particularly vulnerable to this.  All around us are women and children being sold night and day for sex, forced to use drugs, beaten, manipulated and controlled, all with no hope of ever having a different life or finding the resources to get out.  This is a very real crisis and one we as a community must address. We can win this fight against sex trafficking but we must link arms and work together until all are free. One way you can do this is by making a donation to support a woman in our safe house. Another important avenue is to educate yourself and those around you. Knowledge is power. And together we can make a difference for lasting change. 

Awareness Training

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At Learning to Live Beloved Ministries, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those affected by human sex trafficking. Through our numerous efforts we strive to not only provide support and resources to those in need, but also to raise awareness of the reality of this epidemic. As part of our team of volunteers, couple Brent and Kellee Neyer specialize in bringing awareness and education on human sex trafficking to our local communities. If you have or know of any group that would like to learn more about human sex trafficking, you can request a speaker from us! One of our volunteers would be happy to give a presentation customized to your group and equip you to take action.

Brent Neyer: 570-204-4966

Brent's passion is to speak to men with porn addictions and show them how porn is a major component of fueling sex trafficking. 


Kellee Neyer: 570-854-0338

Kellee specializes in education to doctors and nurses on how to recognize sex trafficking in the day to day hospital setting. 

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